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Let them eat cake! Choosing a dessert for your wedding.

Wedding cake is famous! Watching the happy couple cut into their first sweet treat together is one of the hallmarks of wedding culture. Will they be gentle? Will they get messy and smash it into each other’s faces? When exactly can you get your hands on a slice? Wedding cake is a tradition that hasn’t faded over time, but many modern couples are opting to get creative with their wedding cake. Here are some ideas to help you decide which path to take for your wedding dessert.

If it’s not broken—don’t fix it! If you’ve always enjoyed the tradition of cutting into a beautiful white wedding cake, there is no shame in it! Your guests will know what to expect and happily watch you and your new spouse slice into the tiered beauty. Vanilla with buttercream frosting is a classic for a reason. Everyone enjoys the flavor and decadent icing that signifies this special occasion.

Get the most bang for your buck! Budgeting for a wedding can be stressful, so it’s smart to prioritize what’s most important to you that day. If you’ve decided line items like the venue, dress, or photography deserve the most financial attention, opting for a more budget-friendly dessert table is a great way to save money. You can have your local bakery create a small cutting cake for your special moment, and a pre-cut sheet cake ready to serve guests. Sheet cakes are much less expensive than tiered cakes because they take less time to create! Cupcakes are also great options for this, as long as you stick to simple flavor profiles like vanilla and chocolate. Cupcakes are also useful because you’ll know exactly how many to order without waste.

More on cupcakes: They have become a popular wedding dessert option for a reason! You can customize them more than you can a traditional wedding cake, which provides endless options for flavors, designs, and fillings! Another perk of cupcakes is that they don’t need to be cut to serve guests. People can stop by the dessert table to pick up the sweet of their choice with dinner, or as they make their way to the dance floor. Some may say this wedding dessert trend has started to fizzle out in recent years, but we bet you’ve never met a wedding guest disappointed by a table full of cupcakes!

Fun and funky designs and flavors: Do you and your partner adore surfing? Going to comic book conventions together? Your cake is a great place to let your love and creativity shine! Pinterest is perfect for looking at wedding cake ideas to share with your baker. We also
suggest making your favorite flavors part of the day! Not every layer has to be a unique flavor—but, if you love carrot cake, the layer you cut into can be something special!

Lastly—ditch the cake altogether! It is 2021 after all, you can do what you want! Some of our favorite wedding cake alternatives include wedding pie, donuts, fudge, and savory cheeses towered high like a wedding cake. This is the one day in your life that you can be as creative and out of the box as you want, seize it and make it special! If you want to finish your wedding by doing a pizza cutting instead of a cake cutting, go for it! We approve.

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