Dress collection and Storage

So you have fallen in love with your wedding gown.

It has been ordered for you and you have received an email with the approximate arrival date at the Boutique. What’s Next!!!

Your Dress is here!!! Congratulations.

Once your dress has arrived in the store we will contact you to arrange a dress collection appointment.
(Please remember to notify us if you change your phone number or email address).

This appointment is for you to check that the dress you are receiving is the correct style, size, and color that you ordered.

It will be a 30-minute appointment so please just bring the person closest to you that you want to share this appointment with you.
You will get to try on your dress again (how exciting) and make sure everything is correct from the designer.

You will be asked to sign a pick-up slip, your dress will be placed in the complimentary dress bag ready for you to take with you.

Your dress can be stored in the breathable bag you received it in. Please store it in an air-conditioned space out of direct sunlight.
If you are going to hang your dress please make sure to use the long hanging straps to hang it from the hanger, not just the dress fabric.
The train will have a hanger as well.
Our stylist will explain this during the appointment.

If you are going to be storing your dress for a long time you might want to consider purchasing a box so you can store it folded rather than hanging.

If you choose to remove your dress from the bag at any time please make sure to place your hand in between the zipper and your dress, as you move the zip, move your hand behind it so you do not catch your dress in the zip.

Congratulations on collecting your dress. 

Dress Collection and Storage

Dress Collection and Storage

Dress Collection and Storage