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I’m Not The Bride, So What Do I Wear?

This may seem like a silly question to ask, but unless you are a bridesmaid or groomsman (grooms-women and bridesmen are also included in this) you probably aren’t exactly sure what the expectations are for dressing up for the wedding! If you’re a guest or a parent of the couple getting married, then here are some easy-to-follow etiquette rules for being respectful and well-dressed for the big day!

Mother of the Bride

  • Don’t wear shades of white or cream as it could distract from the bride on her special day.
  • The color black can be tricky as it suggests “mourning” and is associated with funerals. It can be more common at a formal, black-tie wedding, though.
  • The mother of the bride should not match the bridesmaids in color, or dress style, but should wear a color that compliments the wedding color scheme.

The Mother of the Groom

  • Should follow the same guidelines as the mother of the bride, but choose a dress that is different in style and color than the mother of the bride.

General Wedding Guest

  • Look to the invitation for information on the formality of the wedding
    • Is it in the evening? Afternoon?
    • Is it outdoor? Indoor? Beach?
    • Is it a church wedding, or does it take place at a resort or hotel?
    • Does it specify formality directly on the invitation?

These clues will help you to determine whether you should wear a long dress/pants suit, a tea dress, or if it is a casual wedding where you can come as you are!

  • Don’t wear white or other distracting colors like bright red.

While these etiquette tips are meant to help you be a respectful wedding guest, it’s always best to heed what the bride would like! If the couple would prefer an all-white wedding party, then happily oblige. There is nothing wrong with stepping out of tradition to enjoy the beautiful joining of two families into one!

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