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Our #WeddingWednesday Favorites

If you follow us on social media, you might have noticed some of our #weddingwednesday tips that we like to share weekly! Our goal as a bridal boutique is to make our couple’s wedding planning experience as seamless as possible, so we share some tricks we’ve learned in the industry along the way.

Here are some of our favorite tips we’ve shared on #weddingwednesday to help you make it from engagement to wedding in one piece!

  1. Choosing your bridal party: The biggest criteria for choosing who will stand next to you on your big day shouldn’t be dictated by family relations, feelings of obligation, or how the person looks. When choosing your #bridetribe, focus on if the person is supportive of you and your relationship, and if they can afford the responsibilities of their role in your wedding. You’ll never go wrong by choosing people who love you and will remain in your life for a long time!
  2. Ask your vendors for suggestions! Photographers have been to so many weddings, they know who does great make-up, which florists make a venue “pop”, and which DJs get everyone on the dance floor. Consider hiring your photographer first and getting suggestions from them rather than spending countless hours on the internet searching for recommendations!
  3. Create a “wedding-only” email. If you want to keep track of all of your wedding communication without it getting lost in the shuffle of your normal email, create a “wedding only” address that you can use to schedule appointments, correspond with vendors, and use to order supplies! Everything you need to keep track of for the big day will remain in one place.
  4. Start dress shopping as soon as you’re engaged. What?! This one is a little-known tip that many brides we meet aren’t aware of. You should start your search for that “perfect dress” as soon as you’re engaged. If you plan to get married within a year, you’ll need that time for the dress to be ordered, delivered, and fitted to your body. All of these steps take time, so if you don’t want your options to be limited, it’s best to begin the dress search right away!
  5. Use vow prompts to help you write beautiful vows. Finding the right words to say to your “one-and-only” on your wedding day can be difficult! We found this list to help you write beautiful vows that will be remembered long after you say “I Do!”
    1. How I knew it was forever:
    2. What I love about you:
    3. What you love about me:
    4. What makes us laugh:
    5. What makes us tick:
    6. What I see in our future:
    7. How I’ll help us get there:
    8. The promises I give to you:

We hope that these #weddingwednesday tips will be helpful for you as you plan the best day of your life! If you liked these tips, but don’t already follow us on social media, you can “like” us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram!

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