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How to Have a Successful Wedding Dress Fitting


You’ve said “Yes” to the dress! Now, between placing your order and walking down the aisle, you’ll need to make “the one” feel like a truly personalized work of bridal perfection. At Satin & Lace Bridal boutique, we will schedule your first fitting 6-8 weeks before your big day! Many brides-to-be are nervous about their first fitting, but it’s a very exciting moment when a bride falls in love with her gown all over again. To help you get ready for your first wedding dress fitting, we put together all that you need to know.

  1. Remember that wedding dress delivery takes time. Wedding dress delivery typically takes 4-5 months. We’ll call you when your dress is in to pick-up. Then, 6-8 weeks before the wedding, we’ll schedule your first fitting with our alternations department. Be open to scheduling more than one wedding dress fitting, especially if you are making major alterations to your dress and accessories.
  2. Do your hair and makeup similar to how you would on your wedding day. Give yourself time before your bridal appointment to moisturize your face, apply a basic contour, fill in your brows, brighten your lips, and define your eyes. Wash your hair the day before your fitting, and style it up or down depending on your bridal vision.
  3. Bring the wedding shoes you’re going to wear on your wedding day. If you haven’t decided on your exact bridal shoes, bring a pair with the same height to what you’d like to wear on your wedding day. Since your wedding gown hemline is adjusted for shoe height, you want to choose a pair that’s comfortable for both ceremony and reception.
  4. Bring your MOH and a close family member to the bridal appointment. Taking a close family member and maid of honor to your first wedding dress fitting not only helps make this pre-wedding experience more special, but they can also help you examine how the dress should fit you. It’s also a good idea to have them with you, especially at the second or final fitting, so that they can learn how to help you get ready in your couture wedding dress, such as securing the overskirt or pinning up the train for the reception.
  5. Have an open mind about the fit of your wedding dress. Though you’ve ordered based on your measurements and clothing size, this is only the beginning of the wedding dress fitting process. The actual shape and features of your wedding gown become much more tailored as you go along. When it comes to creating a flattering and personalized fit, your bridal stylist and alterations specialists are your BFFs. Trust them to give you the care and expertise you need.
  6. Think about the different ways you’ll be moving on your wedding day. Walk around the room to see how it moves. This makes sure you like your heel height and hemline. Sit down. See if you feel comfortable and that your gown and undergarments stay in place. Slouch your shoulders to see how this changes the look of your wedding gown’s bodice. (You won’t maintain perfect posture all day.)Dance around to test out the stretch and flexibility of your wedding dress for your reception. Consider how your wedding gown’s fabric will feel based on the temperature of your wedding day, and whether you’ll be spending most of it outside or inside. Test out your bathroom plan. Take the wedding dress off so you understand how to untie, unclasp, readjust, and get dressed again.

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