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Wedding Dress Giveaway for Teachers 2022

We’re grateful to build our business in a community that pulls together when its members are in need, and recognizes those who give back every day! Last year, we had the wonderful opportunity to give away dresses to front-line nurses who worked (and still work) tirelessly during the pandemic to save lives. The idea was originated by our friend, Shannon Keil, at The Regent, and we knew right away we wanted to be involved! The giveaway was a success. As soon as it was finished, we knew it would be a repeat endeavor for all involved—but who would we honor next? The answer was clear: Teachers!

For the 2022 Wedding Dress Giveaway, Teachers and school staff were nominated by their friends and family at the beginning of February! In the end, 50 wonderful brides were selected, and on Monday, May 2nd, 2022, 30 of the recipients met in the beautiful ballroom of the Regent to receive their dresses, and swap stories about their engagements, wedding plans, and more!

As a bridal boutique, we find ourselves in the middle of other people’s fairytale endings every day—but this time, we got to be the ones to make their “dream come true”. It was an experience we will never forget.


We can’t finish this blog without once again thanking Shannon for her vision and our friend and colleague Maureen Famiano of MEF Media for helping this story go viral! Because of Maureen, the wedding dress giveaway was featured on ABC, CBS, Telemundo, and numerous other local television and news stations. Thank you both for making this giveaway such an undeniable success!

If you’d like to see or read any of the coverage for our 2022 wedding dress giveaway, you can find them here:

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