A Wide Selection of Tuxedos & Suits

Do you need tuxedo or suit for a special occasion? Look no further. We are Riverview’s premier go-to tuxedo rental provider.

The process is easy and quick, simply come into our store and we take care of everything! Here are some helpful tips to make the process go smoothly. First we will begin taking measurements this includes neck size, arm length, waist and a few others.

To speed up the process already knowing your height and weight is very convenient. Next we take a look at styles. Each suit rental includes Jacket, Vest, Shirt with cufflinks, Pants, Bow tie or tie, and Shoes. During this step its helpful to know if you need to color coordinate with your partner especially for a wedding party or Prom date.

Once you’ve chosen the style you like and pay the 50% deposit you are all done. We place the order and once they arrive we check everything and steam the garment then give you a call to setup your try on appointment.

When you come back in for the test fitting we will make any adjustments necessary to better fit the suit to you. The final step is paying the 50% remaining balance and the suit is ready to take with you.

After your event simply bring the suit back in and we take care of the rest, no need to dry clean or wash.

Tuxedo Rental

We will need you to come into the store and be measured (or go to a Jim’s retailer/vendor near you).  It will help if you know your height and weight. 

A 50% payment is needed to order the tuxedo/suit. 

All prices include: 

We can arrange for the suit to be delivered directly to you at home (extra shipping fee).  If the suit is being shipped to you full payment including extra shipping must be paid when ordering the suit. 

The tuxedo/suit will arrive at the store a few days before your wear date.  We will steam the suit/tux  and call you to make an appointment to try it on.  

Pants have adjustable waists and we can make alterations if sleeves and/or pants are too long.  

These are included in the price.

The remaining balance is due when you collect the suit/tux.  

You do not have to dry clean the suit after wearing it. Simply return it to us the next day.  Longer-term rentals are available for events such as a cruise or destination wedding.  Any suits returned later than the arranged return date are subject to a late fee.

Ideally a suit should be ordered 4 weeks before the wear date.  We recommend ordering earlier if the wear date is April, May, June, September, or October.

Out of Towns Groomsmen?

Below is an instructional video for how to correctly measure any groomsmen who aren’t able to make it to our location. these measurements are crucial and need to be accurate to get the best fit possible.

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