Mother of the Bride

All guests are discouraged from wearing shades of white so as not to distract from the bride.  For mothers, black is a tricky one, as it suggests mourning.  It is more accepted for a formal wedding but not for a casual wedding.  It is probably a good idea to have a discussion with the bride if it is not a color being used in the wedding.  

Mother of the Bride & Bridesmaids

The Mother of the Bride’s dress should not match the bridesmaids, but should compliment them.  The Mother of the Bride’s outfit should compliment the wedding colors.

Mother of the Groom

The Mother of the Groom should not wear the same color as the bride’s mother or her bridesmaids.  

  • Long or Short Dress?  The length of the dress depends on how formal the wedding is and whether the bridesmaids are wearing long or short dresses.